Welcome to Karina Choudhrie's creative world, where energy meets vibrant gemstones and diamonds. Visit our London atelier by appointment.

The Designer

Creative Process

Karina Choudhrie is an artist without boundaries. Her one-of-a-kind high jewellery features an intriguing pairing of metal and stone, the precious and non- precious—pink spinels, diamonds and chrysoprase all sitting on stage together. For her, it is far more important to give each creation its own personality than to follow rules.

When it comes to creating her fine jewellery collections, Karina’s exacting approach, uses structural design to play a key role in her design language. This is jewellery sculpture on the body at it’s finest.

“I asked myself what do you want?

􏰀The answer was clear: to present the wealth of beauty that comes from the earth. I’ve dreamt of becoming a gemologist since I was a teenager.

And I’ve gone through a roller-coaster to get to where I am today.”

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